If you want to keep your jewels and watches in a good condition, you should learn the ropes. Especially for you, we gathered some frequently asked questions and we have a qualified answer ready for you. You still have a specific question? Do not hesitate to contact us!


The duration of your guarantee depends on the brand of your jewel or watch. The guarantee of your jewel or watch includes manufacturing defects, which will be covered by the brand of the product in question.


You can clean your jewelry with water, soap and a soft brush. A rough brush is discouraged at all times since these can damage the jewels. It is important to make sure you rinse the jewels sufficiently afterwards, so no remnants of soap are left on the jewelry. Rub the jewels dry with a soft cloth.

After a while jewels lose their original shine. To simply clean your jewelry is in that case insufficient. The polishing of jewelry allows us to revitalize your golden or platinum jewelry by removing scratches and making it shine again. This, however, cannot be done by yourself, but has to be handled in an atelier. Golden jewels become white gold through the addition of a rhodium layer. Over time, this rhodium layer can wear off, leaving the yellow color visible.

You are always welcome at our store in case your jewelry needs to be cleaned, polished or rhodinated. We obtain the knowledge, expertise and right materials that are necessary to make your jewelry look brand new. Moreover, are we able to check the settlements of your stones. We strongly recommend to check the settlements on a yearly basis.

For more information regarding how to preserve and wear jewelry, we refer you to the next article: ‘How to clean and maintain your golden and platinum jewelry?’.

How often you have to bring your jewelry in for polishing depends on how often you wear it and on the friction of the jewelry.

We strongly recommend you to check the settlements of your stones on a yearly basis. In case you drop a piece of jewelry, please come by our store as soon as possible to check the settlements. This decreases the chance of you losing a stone.

White gold is an alloy, which is comprised out of gold, silver and palladium. In the past nickel was used as alloy of white gold. Nickel allergies led to the prohibition of the use of nickel in jewelry. It was replaced by silver and palladium. Consequently a white golden alloy is never purely white, but rather grey-white. To create the gorgeous white color, the jewelry is provided with a layer of rhodium. Over time, this rhodium layer can wear off, leaving the yellow color visible. Depending on how often the jewelry is worn and how strongly it is affected by friction, the white golden jewelry will be more or less subjected to discoloration. Jewelry such as rings and bracelets are more prone to friction than earrings and necklaces. Therefore they are in need of maintenance more regularly.


Quartz watch: a quartz watch is a watch that works with a battery.

Mechanical watch: a mechanical watch is a watch that can be manually turned. In case you haven’t worn your watch in a while and it has stopped working, you can manually turn it on through the crone. It is advised to wind up a mechanical watch each day around the same time, preferably in the mornings.

Automatic watch: an automatic watch is a watch that winds itself up through the movements of your wrist. This type of watch needs a lot of movement and as such has to be worn often enough. Every watch has a reserve, which is different for every brand and model. Thanks to the reserve it is possible to take the watch off when you are going to bed. If you are unable to wear the watch daily, you can wind it up manually. An alternative is the purchase of a watch winder, which provides the watch of energy through the simulation of your wrist movements. The watch winder can be purchased is our store.

It is better to take off your watch while doing exercises, showering or bathing, lifting heavy objects or sleeping. Try to avoid heavy shocks.

Only watches with a screwed crown can be in contact with water, since the screwed crown guarantees an absolute waterproofness.

The durability of a battery depends on the brand. We recommend to replace the battery of your watch every two years. It may happen that the battery runs out and damages the watch.
Your watch gets dirty because of a varying range of reasons; the body products you use on a daily basis (bodylotion, etc.), dust and other filth that gets stuck between the links of your watch, and so on. To keep your watch clean, you can wash it with some water and soap, and dry it with a soft cloth. Remind the waterproofness of your watch and close the crown of your watch tightly.

We recommend everyone not to wear the strap too tight and to leave some space around the wrist. That way your watch will not wear off easily. A steel, gold or platinum bracelet will show some scratches after a while. These can be removed by polishing the bracelet, a service we provide at our shop.

A watch exists out of hundreds of small, breakable pieces, which have to function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. This mechanism in which all the different components interplay with one another can only keep moving flexibly through oils. After some time these oils dry out, the watch loses its smooth functioning and doesn’t run correctly anymore.
If your watch needs a complete maintenance, the watch will be sent to the after-sales service by an official distributor of the brand.

They start of with a diagnosis of the watch and check what exactly needs to be done. Next, a cost estimate will be made and send to the consumer. The consumer has the option to accept or decline the estimated cost.

During the maintenance of the watch, the watch is completely disassembled. Then all the different compartments are cleaned. When all the compartments have been cleaned, they are checked on malfunctions. If there are signs of wear, the concerning compartments are replaced. Broken or worn out parts can disturb the functioning of the watch. Furthermore, all the compartments are lubricated with oil. To ensure the precision of a mechanical / automatic watch, the balance spring is reset. The bracelet and lug of the watch are polished and cleaned. At the end all the compartments are put back in place. During the maintenance different tests are preformed.

The maintenance of Rolex watches is mainly performed in our shop. Our watchmaker, Franck, gained all the required expertise during a professional education at Rolex in Geneva. If you like more information regarding the maintenance of Rolex watches, please refer to: ‘the maintenance of a Rolex’.

The maintenance of a watch falls under the guarantee and differs according to brand.

A maintenance of a watch is only necessary when the watch isn’t running correctly anymore. This means; the watch is running early, is running behind or doesn’t run at all anymore.
Watches that are waterproof up to 3 bar (30 meters) or up to 5 bar (50 meters) are resistant to rainwater and water drops. However, we discourage you to shower or swim with these kind of watches.

In addition to professional water sports and scuba diving watches, watches with a screwed crown are also for a 100 % waterproof. It is important to make sure the crown is always properly closed. You can swim and shower with these watches, since they are water-resistant up to 10 bar (100 meters). Though it is important to rinse the watch sufficiently after contact with sea or chlorine water.

We recommend to test the waterproofness of your watch yearly.

On a daily basis, we are in contact with magnetic fields. Think for instance about radio’s, computers, speakers and so on. To minimize or completely exclude the influence of these magnetic fields, anti-magnetic or not-magnetic compartments are included in a watch. Nevertheless, these magnetic fields can affect the correctness of a watch, which can as a consequence start running early or late. We have the required equipment to demagnetize your watch. Furthermore, we encourage you not to bring your watch in direct contact with objects that emit magnetic fields.
Most of the mechanical/automatic watches have a COSC certificate. This COSC certificate gives men’s watches room to run between four seconds before and six seconds behind the actual time a day. Women watches have an interval of five seconds before and eight seconds behind the actual time a day.

Rolex watches have a superlative COSC certificate. This means that the watches are more precise than watches with a regular COSC certificate. Rolex watches may run approximately two seconds before or behind the actual time a day or one minute before or behind the actual time a month.

However, it is significant to correct a mechanical or automatic watch monthly to ensure the watch’s accuracy. The ultimate moment to correct your watch, is the last day of the month, when you change the date.

Automatic watches can be manually winded. Open the crone and turn it around in the same direction for about ten times.

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